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Here's what I can offer.


My background


As a graphic designer based in St. Neots, I have over 15 years commercial design experience. I have developed projects with global companies as well as small local businesses. I have worked on print design projects, web design projects and interactive e-learning programmes. I enjoy developing brand identities and applying them across stationery, business cards, brochures, websites, posters. Whatever is required to create a clean, consistent approach. I love the challenge of design and always look at improving my skills so I can offer more options.

How does it work?


To create the best results it's always good to follow a process.

All these questions (and more) are to make sure that you get great results and are happy with the finished article(s). The process is simple. Design doesn't cost the earth but does add a lot more value to your project. If you've got something in mind contact me.

The work


Have a look at my portfolio section to see some recently completed projects.

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